Spruce Up Your Resume in the Business Center

Here are some handy tips to help you "buff up" your resume here at your Pembroke luxury apartment community. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

If you’re thinking about changing jobs, it’s probably time to dust off your resume and give it an update in our state-of-the-art business center. Here are three tips for sprucing up your resume in your Pembroke apartment with a business center. Choose the Right Font: While you want your resume to stand out in a crowd, you shouldn’t use a font … [Read more...]

Get Mom a Creative Gift on Mother’s Day

Here are some thoughtful ideas that you can gift Mom with for Mother's Day 2014 here at your Pembroke luxury apartment community.  Source: MorgueFile

Are you celebrating Mother's Day with your Mom at your apartment in Pembroke? We have a few creative suggestions that are sure to wow her on her special day. Take her to a high-end specialty shop like a gourmet coffee shop, bath and body shop or something else you know she'd enjoy and turn her loose. If money is tight, let her pick just one special … [Read more...]

Amenity Spotlight: Kitchen Islands are One of the “Perks” of Your Pembroke Apts

The expansive kitchens are just one of the "perks" of living here at your Pembroke luxury apartment community.

If you haven’t been living in a Pembroke apartment with a kitchen island, you may be surprised at what you’re missing. Check out some of the benefits of having a kitchen island all to yourself. A kitchen island comes with additional storage space. You’ll have more surface area to keep your appliances, dishes, and other kitchen items neat and … [Read more...]

Hit the Slopes with Boston Ski and Sports Club

The Boston Ski and Sports Clubs is one of the best resources for anyone who loves sports and exercise here at your Pembroke luxury apartment community.  Source: Facebook

If you’re in need of some athletic activity, join the Boston Ski and Sports Clubs, which organizes a variety of ski trips. Soon after joining, you could find yourself careening down a slope at a ski resort near Pembroke. The Boston Ski and Sports Club offers more than the occasional ski trip. Members enjoy the lowest day skiing prices in Boston, saving … [Read more...]

Learn What Your Pup is Trying to Say

Here are some great pet-training tips for anyone here with a puppy or adult dog here at your Pembroke luxury apartment. Source: MorgueFile

Are you thinking about bringing a new friend home to your pet friendly Pembroke apartment? Make sure you know how to properly care for your pup. Start by learning his body language. Eyes: When your pup’s eyes are half-closed, he’s showing submission or pleasure. Wide eyes can indicate aggression. Smile: Many breeds will open their mouths in what … [Read more...]