Enjoy Great Food and Cold Beer at British Beer Company in Pembroke

British Beer Company Pembroke

Local pubs are great places to enjoy food and drink with friends and family. Did you know you have a local pub in Pembroke you can visit any time? The British Beer Company Restaurant and Pub offers a large dining area and a custom-built bar, perfect for you and your friends to sit back and relax while watching the next big sporting event on their … [Read more...]

Start the New Year Stress-Free at First Hand Massage Therapy


Life's stresses are inevitable. This year, vow to pamper yourself and visit First Hand Massage Therapy, a massage spa near Pembroke. Whether it's chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, tension, or lower back pain, First Hand Massage Therapy can offer a service dedicated to relieving your symptoms and improving your overall health. Their … [Read more...]

2 Great Places to Learn Martial Arts Near Pembroke

Martial Arts near Pembroke, MA

Are you tired of that same gym routine and would like to find a new way to get fit? The practice of martial arts not only helps you to get fit and helps with self-defense, but it also helps you to grow in self-discipline as well as many other traits. There are two great options for learning martial arts near Pembroke. Thurston Martial Arts teaches … [Read more...]

Watch These New DVD Releases in Our Clubhouse

New Release DVDs

Watching a DVD new release in our Pembroke apartment's Clubhouse can enhance your viewing experience. Here are some upcoming movies coming out on DVD to enjoy. Boyhood follows the joys and sorrows of life through the eyes of a child. You'll follow Mason and his family as they enjoy family times and life milestones. The film used the same cast filmed … [Read more...]

What You Need to Enjoy a Winter Run Around Pembroke

Running Gear for Winter

Leaving the warmth of Pembroke luxury apartments for a run can have you wishing you were back in your home if you're not prepared. Here is the winter running gear you need for the season. Layer your clothes and remember comfort. Start with a base layer of thin close fitting fabric, followed by a layer of fleece to insulate, and finish with a clothing … [Read more...]